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Thailand Ladyboy bars where you can sample the goods

bars bangkok pattaya

We ladyboy lovers now have more options than we ever had in the past. There are all kinds of bars and meeting spots where we can pick up ladyboys. Or we can just go online and order one up right to the room! Technology is great, but it isn't without issues.
The biggest problem with meeting ladyboys or even regular chicks on the internet to me is that you can never be sure of what you're going to get. Unless you go with a reliable outlet like Smooci where you can read verified reviews you might be unpleasantly surprised in the room. My answer to this is to stick to places where I can get out the merchandise and have a look or test drive before I commit to anything. Thankfully there are a few ladyboys bars in Thailand where this is allowed.

Over the years I have noted a number of bars where I can get my hands and more filled without paying a barfine or shelling out a ton of dough. They are basically scattered across Pattaya and Bangkok. I've been able to do a little more touching and feeling in other parts of Thailand, but no places were reliable enough to add to my main list.

Best in Bangkok

In Bangkok you have all the main ladyboy go go bars in Nana Plaza and now Soi Cowboy. Your mileage may vary depending on the bar and the ladyboy, but you can usually get pretty hands on in any of these places. A lot of times they get to touching on you whether you like it or not. It's not out of the norm for guys or the girls to get their cocks out and put them into action in these places either. Some are more discrete than others.

In my experience Charade on the third floor of Nana Plaza allows for the most mileage. Cockatoo on Soi Cowboy allows for the least. Others are in between, but again it just depends on the situation. Sometimes they act all calm and reserved. Another time you might see a head bobbing up and down out of the corner or your eye.

The regular Bangkok ladyboy bars are next. Here I'm talking about places like Check Inn and Chaos 9. Check Inn is on a little alley just as you turn down Soi 10 from Sukhumvit Road. There's a sign out front that is easy to see. Inside you find a bevy of ladyboy babes in lingerie who are eager to sit with you, or sit on you. It can get very wild inside. Last visit I saw a ladyboy riding a big dildo with a suction cup on the bar!

Plenty in Pattaya

Down in Pattaya you have a lot of options too. First there are the go go bars like Kathoeys R Us on Walking Street and Surprise Yourself and Baby Boom up around Soi Bukhao. You can usually take a look at the goods in any of these bars. And I've seen kissing and petting too. But for real fun Baby Boom is the unmistakable choice. There are ten or more ladybody dancers in there wearing just knickers or less, and they're always eager to get busy. In fact I'd be surprised if you could get out of the place without being touched in all sorts of ways! For my money it's the best value in town in terms of ladyboy bars.

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