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A review of Smooci for ladyboy lovers

escorts smooci

The internet is becoming a part of everyday life. Even refrigerators and washing machines are now online. It's just suprising how long its taken for someone to build a modern escort platform, but finally we have Smooci!
A review of Smooci for ladyboy lovers, a guest blog

I have been dabbling with ladyboys on and off for a couple of years now. One of the reasons I haven't spent more time with ladyboys is that it can be a bit of a hassle to get out there and find one that I like. There are now more bars than ever, but truthfully they're not always fun to visit. Even when you find a ladyboy you like, you usually have to fight your way around the more aggressive shemales to get to them.

Escorts are a lot better in terms of ease. All you have to do is make an appointment, and they show up. The biggest problem with escorts is that a lot use fake pictures or deceptive stats. For some reason, thisi seems especially true when it comes to ladyboys. And it's a bummer to open your door and see someone there who looks nothing like the picture. What do you do in that situation? It's a no-win.

When Smoocicame along it really changed the game for me. I still wander into the occasional ladyboy bar to see what's going on. But I find myself usually reaching for my phone and punching in Smooci.com when I am horny and want to satisfy my urges.

First of all, the site gives you access to more ladyboys than you would see in the typical bar or even a long stroll up and down Sukhumvit. I used the site last night and it took me a while to scroll through all the ladyboys. There must have been sixty or more. And very few trolls! The vast majority were pretty damn good looking.

I don't worry about fake pics much with Smooci. First you have verified pictures. Then you have reviews from actual customers. It's not like agencies with the fake “testimonials” they type up themselves. Guys can write their real feelings and even leave star ratings. So you can pretty much believe what you see, since fakers won't last long.

Another great thing is that you can see the location of your escort after you book her. No more wondering if “five more minutes” means five more hours. You can actually just look and see where they are. By the time they show up to your door, you can be ready to go too. No surprises.

Finally, you don't have to go through the awkward stuff like figuring out a “fair price” and asking if a ladyboy you like is top, bottom, or verse. You don't have to ask if you finish on their faces or in their mouths either. It's all listed on every Smooci account. So no one can complain later claiming there was a misunderstanding or asking for “more money” because you smudged her makeup with your love butter.

The internet is becoming a part of everyday life. Even refrigerators and washing machines are now online. It is surprising how long it took for a site like Smooci to come along. But boy am I glad it did. It makes my life a lot easier and brings me closer to sexier ladyboys.