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  1. 5 fine reasons to date that ladyboy!

    A relationship with a ladyboy is not much different from dating a genetic girl (cynicism towards bar girls put to one side). Show them love and affection and they'll send it back in kind. Support who they are and their goals, ambitions, and passions in life, and they'll be your muse. In many ways a ladyboy or transsexual is likely to have experienced a fair amount of rejection, ridicule, and lack of acceptance during her life, and if you give her a genuine, care-filled relationship she is likely to reward you with all the love and affection you can handle.
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    She's out of your league

    Ever wanted to date a supermodel? Of course you have. Your old girlfriend may have looked like an English Bulldog chewing on a wasp but your new ladyboy girlfriend will give any catwalk model and run for her money. Fact, the best looking women in Thailand are ladyboys (in fact make that the world). Just be prepared to have lots of jealous guys and girls starring at you as you hold hands through the busy mall. You may be paranoid worried everyone is looking at her thinking 'dude looks like a lady,' but the truth is they are whispering under their breath 'how the hell did that guy land her!'

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    You so horny?

    It's a fact, guys are way more horny than girls. It's also a fact, many ladyboys still have the sexual drive and appetite of a pubescent boy discovering his dad's secret collection of Razzle and Swank magazines for the first time. Your old girlfriend may have told you she has a headache, but your new ladyboy girlfriend will leave you happy and exhausted night after night.. And then wake you up for more of the same.

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    Let's get nasty

    It may have taken you 18 month to ask your last girlfriend if you could introduce a set of handcuffs into your weekly Wednesday night love-making session (only to be called a freak), but when you suggest it to your new ladyboy girlfriend she pulls out her secret bag of whips, chains and ball gags. Sexual experimentation really is one of the true joys in life.

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    Best of both worlds

    Ladyboys really are the best of both words, and not just in the bedroom. Need a motherly touch after a bad day at work? Your new ladyboy girlfriend will pamper you and tell you how special you are. Getting bullied by a neighbour? You're new ladyboy girlfriend will remove a stiletto, take it in hand, and threaten to remove his left testicle in one fell swoop.

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    That time of the month

    Damn, has it really been 28 days already? When a ladyboy tells you it's 'that time of the month' she usually means it's pay day and she wants to go out, party long into the night and return home for a mind blowing love-making session. No more monthly mood swings, no more bloody tampons, and no more pregnancy scares!

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    Forget what you think you know about dating a ladyboy and give it a go. You can either be the guy who is too afraid to publically walk hand in hand with a sweet, stunning ladyboy, worried what everyone else will think, OR, you can be the happiest man in the world, so content and proud of the perfect woman on his arm, he feels sorry for those who are missing out.


    Written by: Moo Yung

    • Aug 06 2014 11:08 PM
    • by Moo Yung
  2. Name calling: Ladyboy, femboy and other terms

    Even listening to more experience admirers it can often be quite confusing, with occasional contradictions and misconceptions regarding the meaning of terms such a femboy, shemale, TV, TS, LB etc..

    In an effort to create some kind of basic glossary here’s a quick breakdown of some of the terms you are likely to hear and their meaning:


    The term ladyboy was first used as a pornographic word and primarily referred to Thai transsexuals, though it quickly came to encompass transsexuals from all parts of Southeast Asia, and some other Asian nations. Despite its roots, today it is regarded as the translation of the Thai word Kathoey, which means transsexual.

    Occasionally people will refer to non-Asian transsexuals as ladyboys, but in general many Western transsexuals will take offence to this title, some considering it to be politically incorrect because of its origins as a pornographic term. However, it is now generally an acceptable term to use within Southeast Asia, when referring to local transsexuals. Many Asian transsexuals and organisations use the term ladyboy to describe themselves in a positive manner.

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    Shemale is another term which originated from the porn industry. It was generally meant to refer to transsexuals who have breast implants but still keep their male genitalia. Whereas the term ladyboy has actually been embraced by much of the Asian transsexual community, the term shemale is still seen as being primarily a pornographic term and somewhat offensive.

    You may well see escort ads and adult material happily using the word shemale, whereas it’s less likely to see the word used in a dating ad. Obviously it’s not advised to refer to any transsexual as a shemale unless you’re sure they feel comfortable with the word and won’t take offense.

    Transsexual or TS

    Whereas the previous two terms can cause offence the term transsexual is the universally accepted, politically correct term for someone who views themselves as being of the opposite sex to which they were physically born.

    Unlike the previous two terms, transsexual is a rather broad term which not only encompasses anyone physically born as a male who psychologically identifies themselves as a female, but it also refers to those born physically female who consider themselves to be male; often referred to as Male to Female Transsexuals (MtF) and Female to Male Transsexuals (FtM).

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    The term femboy is a relatively new term which is yet to feature in any official dictionaries, and doesn’t have such a clear definition as the above. In fact it’s a term that tends to get used in different ways.

    Some use the term femboy to describe a male under the age of around 30, who is gay with female traits, uses feminine gestures and body language, or likes to dress up in feminine ways. Others use it to describe young transsexuals who are during the early stages of their transition. While some even use it to describe any transsexual without breast implants.

    Transvestite or TV

    A transvestite is a person who chooses to live as the sex they were physically born while occasionally dressing, acting, and/or performing the role of the opposite sex in order to express part of their personality and emotions. Though commonly used to describe males who dress and act the female role, it can also be used to describe a female who on occasions acts and performs as a male.

    This is not a sexual term and many transvestites are heterosexual. The term Drag Artist (or Drag Queen for males) is also an extension of the word transvestite, and refers to anyone who publically performs as the opposite sex, as a means of art or entertainment.

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    Cross Dresser or CD

    A Cross Dresser or Crossdresser, is someone who takes on the role of the opposite sex purely for sexual pleasure. As with transvestites and drag artist, cross dressers don’t typically consider themselves as being physically or psychologically of the opposite sex. Many cross dressers have a fascination for dressing female in a sexually provocative manner, and do not necessarily feel the need to wear make-up or look as feminine as possible.

    The terms transvestite and cross dresser are often wrongly banded together, however there is a big difference in the mentality and motives between both. While cross dressers take the role of the opposite sex motivated by sexual excitement, transvestites are typically motivate by a need to express themselves.

    Other terms

    As you delve deeper into the world of ladyboys and transsexuals you will no doubt encounter further terms and explanations. Whereas ladyboy is strongly associated with Thai transsexuals, there are many other terms specific to transsexuals from different nations, such as Newhalf (Japan), Hijra (India), Fa’afafine (Samoa), Bakla (Philippines).

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    Transgendered or TG

    The word Transgendered is kind of the all encompassing word which can essentially refer to anyone who challenges or defies the socially accepted look and/or behaviour of gender roles. This is an extremely broad term which can include everyone from an occasional cross dresser or femboy, to a post-op transsexual.

    Post op / Pre op

    Post op and pre op are terms used to define whether a transsexual or ladyboy has undergone SRS surgery (you can read more about SRS surgery here). Basically indicating whether they have their original sexual organs (i.e. a pre op ladyboy will still have male genitalia, while a post op ladyboy will have undergone an surgery to remove their male genitalia and construct female sex organs).

    Writen by: Moo Yung

    • Apr 09 2014 05:51 PM
    • by Moo Yung
  3. I like ladyboys, am I Gay? Continued..

    In the first half of this two part article I shared my beliefs on sexuality and gender as a social construction, and just how outdate the simplistic view society has with regards to gender. Through showing just how absurd and complex the idea of binary sexuality and gender is, particularly with regards to transsexuals and there lovers, I think it went some way to proving that it's incorrect to label ladyboy lovers as being gay. And yet, at the same time I showed that it's almost just as difficult to refer to such people as being straight/heterosexual.


    What are the other alternatives? If a ladyboy lover is not gay, but also not straight, does that make him bisexual?

    Bisexual refers to someone who is emotionally and/or sexually attracted to both males and females. The problem with this sexuality is that it also relies on a simplistic, binary view of man and woman, and doesn't take into consideration persons who transcend the traditional male and female gender roles. Not only that, but the vast majority of ladyboy lovers I know are attracted to only one of those binary genders, women.

    I think it's safe to say that most ladyboy lovers are not attracted to 'men', men, and are primarily attracted to the femininity of ladyboys (albeit still titillated by the exotic fact their feminine women have something unfeminine between their legs). They are aroused by curvy female shapes, soft female features, and more gentle feminine mannerism, and turned off by deep voices, hairy body parts, and strong masculine attitudes.

    If you were forced to 'play the game' and put ladyboy lovers into one of the binary sexual orientations, in terms of sexual likes, dislikes, tastes, and attractions, the average male ladyboy lover is likely to have more in common with the average straight/heterosexual male (only attracted by femininity and not attracted to masculinity) than with the average bisexual or gay male (sexually attracted to masculinity).

    The outdated view of sexual orientation has 4 binary categories, straight/heterosexual, gay/homosexual, bisexual, and asexual (not sexually attracted to any gender). If ladyboy lovers can't fit neatly into these binary sexualities, then surely we can find a place for them among the more modern, non-binary sexual orientations.

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    Pansexual, or omnisexual, refers to someone who is attracted to all genders. Many people who consider themselves to be pansexual also refer to themselves as being gender blind, and attracted to people regardless of their sexuality, rather than because of it.

    While this sexual orientation dismiss traditional gender identities it doesn't quite describe a ladyboy lover as it encompasses the attraction to both masculinity and femininity, which most labyboy lovers can't relate to.


    Gynesexual refers to someone who is attracted to females and the feminine form. Gynesexuals are attracted to people who are feminine regardless of their gender, and unattracted to masculinity.

    However, when reading the full definition of gynesexual, it also states that such people are attracted to breast and vaginas, and turned off by male sex organs. This contradicts things slightly as while most ladyboy lovers are primarily attracted to femininity, many are also turned on by the male sex organ.


    Skoliosexual refers to someone who is attracted to transgendered people, and people who don't identify with their birth gender.
    While this does identity an attraction to transgendered people, this causes some contradictions once again for your average ladyboy lover, who is attracted to transgendered women, but not attracted to transgendered men.

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    I'm still confused. What am I?

    The problem is some people still won’t feel comfortable being labeled by any of these non-binary identities, they sound weird, scary, and alien, and they don't quite sound accurate. And while non-binary sexual orientations are far more considerate and open to people who transcend traditional gender and sexuality, they are still flawed, and will work for some people and not to others.

    Ladyboy lovers are no short of labels; admirers, tranny chasers, trans catchers, transfans, tranny hawks, there are lots of terms used. Even though most were born out of insult and slurs, like the terms ladyboy and shemale, they have been tamed by their open use in the transgender community. I've even seen a movement to try to have the word transamory excepted to mean males who are sexual attracted to transgendered women and birth women, and yet it's never really caught on, in fact your average 'straight' person is probably completely unaware of any of the non-binary sexual orientations I've mentioned.

    So after failing to find an acceptable sexual orientation for ladyboy lovers, it begs the question, why do we need a label at all?
    The truth is, those who are uneducated and close minded will always depend on clear cut sexual labels and the need to distance themselves from those who don’t play by the aged rules of binary sexuality. After all, it's just words and labels that really don't matter, and such labels can cuase more confusion and misinformation than clarity. If you really need to find a label for your own sexual orientation, just pick the one you feel most comfortable with, or make something up. Even if you make something up, it's probably going to be as useful and descriptive as any of the labels mentioned above. And if someone sees you with a ladyboy and ask you 'what you are?', just tell them 'happy.'

    Written by: Moo Yung

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    • Aug 08 2016 05:22 AM
    • by Moo Yung
  4. The health risks of sex with Ladyboys

    In this article we discuss the dangers, the risks, and the obvious caution you should be demonstrating when having sex with ladyboys (and particularly those who work in the sex industry or are sexually promiscuous).

    Are sexually-transmitted diseases and AIDS prevalent in the Ladyboy community?

    Exact numbers are hard to pin down, and studies on this subject are not very common, but one has to assume that disease and HIV are fairly common amongst the ladyboy population in well-known tourist locations such as Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket and Angeles City, especially if the ladyboys work in the sex trade. Having sex with multiple men in any given month, sometimes as many as 20 or 30 different customers, makes this a very risky trade to be involved in and their chances of acquiring a disease goes up exponentially.

    Do most ladyboys use protection while having sex?

    From our experience living in Thailand and from discussions we have had with other westerners, we can conclude that most sex workers in the ladyboy scene do insist on their customers wearing condoms, especially when anal sex is involved. But this is not a given; we have heard many stories of men penetrating their ladyboy lover [or being penetrated themselves] without any protection, with the ladyboy oftentimes not attempting to stop them. This is very risky behavior indeed, and we strongly discourage it. It’s basically the same as having sex with the last 40 or 50 men she has been with.

    Which type of diseases are prevalent?

    At the low end of the spectrum, you have things such as lice, sometimes called crabs, transmitted between yourself and your lover when your pubic hairs intermingle; this can easily be done away with by using a simple cream prescribed by a doctor. Moving up from there, you could possibly get; chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, herpes and even HIV. While the first three can all be treated, you will go have some painful days leading up to treatment, as well as an embarrassing chat with your doctor. Depending upon where you live, you may also have to register with local officials who keep a tab on such things. Herpes has no known cure, and while medication can keep the prevalence of breakouts down to a minimum, at the moment it is still something you will keep with you for life. HIV, as we all well know, has no known cure and could possibly lead to a death sentence down the road.

    Protection; the only solution.

    While many of us do not like wearing condoms and find them uncomfortable, this is a necessary pre-condition to having sex with ladyboys in the third world. This is especially true when having anal sex, either giving or receiving, and also should apply when accepting or giving sperm with your lover. While it has been proven that kissing is safe virtually 100% of the time, the exception being if your partner has an open sore or a cut within her mouth, accepting sperm in your mouth from a ladyboy could be extremely dangerous and could lead to many of the diseases mentioned above. Bottom line; be careful, be smart, always use condoms during anal sex, and be advised not to accept sperm into your mouth unless you have known your partner for a very long time and trust her implicitly.

    Written by: Cory Booker

    • Jan 12 2016 01:55 AM
    • by Cory Booker
  5. I like ladyboys.. Am I gay?

    For the sake of this article I’m talking about guys who originally liked girls before discovering the beautiful third sex and developing an attraction to ladyboys and transgendered girls. I’m aware that there is a percentage of guys who like ladyboys who were previously bisexual or gay, but in order not to complicate things too much I’ll write this from the perspective of guys who were previously seen as being 'straight'.

    As I stated in the opening, one of the first thoughts to trouble any man who discovers an attraction to ladyboys is whether he is gay, or moreover, whether other people will see him as being gay, and how that will impact his life. This isn’t just an issue for newbies to the world of ladyboys, many long time ladyboy lovers will battle the same anxieties, with some guys even having periods of choosing to try to ignore their attraction to the third sex, trying to repress their sexual desire and emotions. This stuff can really go deep and give some guys an internal battle, so it helps to try to have a better understanding.

    Sexual acts

    I heard two ladyboys lovers sitting in a bar chatting about whether they were gay or not. They talked about how many transsexuals they had slept with and some of the things they had done and what was interesting was that one of the guys seemed to think the other was gay because he did just about 'everything' with these ladyboys, while he himself would never give oral or receive anal from his lovers, making him straight.

    Does the being 'gay' depend on what sexual acts you perform?

    Some people would argue yes, this guy was right, the guy who did 'everything' was the gay one, or at least 'more gay'. But in truth, the sexual act is irrelevant. Gay is a sexual orientation, it is about sexual and emotional attraction, it does not depend on the sexual acts you perform.

    Here's a dictionary definition for you:

    Sexuality. Sexual orientation indicates whom an individual is sexually and emotionally attracted to. This can mean males or females of the same or opposite sex. A person's sexual orientation is not the same as a person's sexual actions because not everyone expresses the way they are feeling in their actions.

    Another way to look at this would be to ask yourself, who would be considered gay; a man who is attracted only to other men but doesn't give oral or receive anal, or a man who is only attracted to women but enjoys more kinky fun and likes to be penetrated anally with a strap on?

    Posted Image

    State of transition

    So if sexual acts are irrelevant to your sexuality, does it depend on the stage of transition of ladyboy or transgendered woman you are attracted to? Are guys who like post-op ladyboys (ladyboys who have had their penis removed and replaced with an artificial vagina) straight (or more straight), while guys who like pre op ladyboys are gay (or more gay)? Some transgendered girls will look and act more feminine and 'ladylike' than most real women, but is it your sexual organ that determines what gender you are?

    In the UK and parts of the Europe, transgendered girls can apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate without having sexual reassignment surgery (meaning they still have a penis). The prime criteria for getting this certificate is to prove you have Gender Dysphoria, which basically means you feel uncomfortable with your birth gender. You don't need to have any surgeries or change your body in any way, you just need to be psychologically evaluated by a professional and have them recognize you as having Gender Dysphoria. Once you have a Gender Recognition Certificate you are than legally considered to be Female, regardless of what genitalia you have.

    In contrast to this, in Thailand and many other countries, a person cannot change their gender identity, and gender is legally seen as something permanent. A Thai ladyboy may look, act, and feel totally feminine, everyone she meets and interacts with may see her as a female, and she can even have every gender surgery available to transform her body, but her passport, ID, and government papers will still recognize her as being male.

    A Social Construction

    In order to really understand any sexual labels we have to first come to the understanding that gender is a social construction, and the idea that people are simply born 100% male or 100% female is extremely outdated – BUT the function of modern society and the vast majority of communities in the world depend upon a very black and white view of gender and sexuality.

    Most ladyboy lovers don't battle with a gender identity issue, and don't grow up with confusions and contradictions over their own gender identity, seeing themselves fitting neatly into the role of a male, and a straight one at that..

    Fitting comfortably into a gender role then makes it harder to accept that binary gender (male and female) isn't actually right or 'real', and that we are all fluid beings who can't be defined as being simply 'one of the other.' Despite feeling an attraction towards transgendered girls, in the most part because of their feminine beauty, consciously or unconsciously many ladyboy lovers still see the transgendered girls as being male, and themselves as being attracted to other males. Even those who are able to be totally open minded and accept transgendered girls as being female, or at least more female than male, they know that in the eyes of many of their friends, family, and peers, the person they are sexually attracted to will not be accepted as being a female.
    Posted Image

    So am I gay or am I straight?

    If anything, I have probably caused more confusion here than clarity, but then again, that is kind of the point.

    Gender and sexuality is about fitting people into clearly defined binary categories. If someone doesn't fit neatly into the category of being a man, they must therefore fit neatly into the category of being a woman, and when people don't fit neatly into either they become a problem, they becoem weirds and strange and hard to accept, and therefore a taboo.

    Strict, binary gender roles are a very old fashion way of understanding gender, and while the world is starting to become more open to transgression in gender and sexuality, it's not quite ready to fully accept women being born as boys, and men being born as girls, or the people who are attracted to them.

    With that all said, it would be pretty simple minded, naive, and uneducated to call a male who is attracted to ladyboys or transgendered girls as being gay, because basically they are not, and they don't fit neatly into that category. And yet at the same time, calling them straight wouldn't quite be correct either.

    So if I'm not gay and I'm not straight what am I?

    To be continued..

    Written by: Moo Yung
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    • Aug 09 2016 01:03 AM
    • by Moo Yung
  6. Your first ladyboy encounter

    You have a feeling inside that you may be attracted to ladyboys; you have searched and searched on the internet looking at photos and videos, reading trip reports and stories from those who have met them in the flesh, and you have even found and joined a forum which discuss in vivid detail what it’s like to be with a ladyboy. You don’t quite feel part of that community, more an outsider peeking in with curiosity, you have concerns and doubts about whether this is ‘right’ or ‘normal’, which is perfectly OK, of course, and yet despite those strong moments of doubt, denial, and repression, something inside causes you to keep coming back for more..

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    Confronting your attraction

    Whether your curiosity stems from seeing beautiful ladyboys in the flesh or a snowballing fascination that started with clicking on one too many porn categories, if those urges and feelings won’t go away it’s something you may be battling for some time, ultimately leaving you having to explore your feelings and sexuality, or making serious efforts to ignore and repress your emotions.. OK maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but there are choices to be made as to how far you are willing to go with this.
    I’ve always gone by the belief that you should regret the things you never try, but never the things you try and didn’t like, and while many curious ladyboy lovers try to ignore urges towards ladyboys because of existing relationships, or a genuine fear of breaking a taboo and being looked at differently by their family, friends, peers, or colleagues, for those more adventurous, or those finding it too hard ignoring their attraction, there are plenty of ways to meet a ladyboy and have that first real experience.

    Posted Image
    Finding that first ladyboy.

    Once you’ve come to terms with the fact you are obsessed with ladyboys then why not meet one? Of course there are Asian ladyboys all over the world, and you may even be able to find one right in the city where you live, but you might not feel quite comfortable enough yet to explore this new attraction so close to home..

    Alternatively you may want to head out to a big city, one of the big European capitals like London or Paris, where you should be able to find a few Asian ladyboys in the backpage ads or escort directories. However this will end up being a very expensive night and a typically rushed experience, that’s not the way you want this adventure to begin.

    If you are single and have enough time and money for a small (or long) vacation, the most obvious option is to be courageous and head to Asia, and perhaps more specifically, Thailand, and meet those amazing ladyboys in the land where they are plentiful..

    Posted Image

    Why Thailand?

    Thailand, by far, has the largest number of available ladyboys and they are very easy to find. There is a large bar scene, as well as several social media and dating websites where you’ll find them in number. ThaiFriendly.com and MyLadyboyDate are all great places to start, and they have available ladyboys in virtually every city in the Thailand (even several in Europe and beyond), you can even lineup dates before you arrive.

    There are also hundreds of available “freelancers” who would be happy to help you enjoy your first experience with a ladyboy; many of them enjoy meeting with a newbie and will treat you accordingly to make you comfortable and relaxed for your first time. Or if you really need a discreet and professional service, why not try an escort service such as www.ladyboysbangkok.com, where you can make special requests and plan you meetings in the finest detail.

    Posted Image

    What to expect

    First of all, there is no reason to be nervous. Thai ladyboys are usually very friendly and aim to please, and will generally treat you well. Escorts and prostitution services are looked at in a far more accepting way than in the west, and experiences with bar girls and escorts are generally an unrushed and friendly experience, as well as being much cheaper.

    Most ladyboys are incredibly feminine, they look, act, and smell like a woman. Once you are alone in your room with a ladyboy, behind closed doors, you will then have the freedom to finally go with your true desires and explore her body and your sexual desires. It is likely to be an incredibly enlightening experience.

    The odds are that if you are reading this article you are already attracted to ladyboys, even if you have yet to act on your urges. Most people who has been with a ladyboy were once in the exact same position you are in right now, and after building up the courage to make that first move they have never looked back. You are now in the same boat, so take that all-important first step and welcome to the club!

    So how was your first experience with a ladyboy? We'd love to hear your stories!

    Written by: Moo Yung

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    • Jan 12 2016 01:54 AM
    • by Moo Yung
  7. How to find tops, bottoms, and vers ladyboys

    Over the years I have developed a kind of feel for how to find tops, bottoms and versatile ladyboys depending on my mood. Sure you could always just come right out and ask a ladyboy if she throws, catches, or switches. Most ladyboys are cool and open to those kinds of questions at the appropriate time. But why not just narrow down your choices right from the beginning, especially if you're going to pay for it?

    When you are paying for it, it seems like the world if your oyster. With cash in hand you're much more likely to find ladyboys who will at least say they are vers. Since they're out to make money, the working girls will tell you what you want to hear to snare you in as a customer. And they'll usually deliver too. This isn't out of the norm. The human body can respond to all sorts of stimuli. Just ask any of the guys who go gay for pay!

    Now when you meet “regular” ladyboys in everyday life you will find that a lot more of them seem to be bottoms. This makes sense if you really stop and think about it. These are people born with male genitalia who feel like they are actually women or at least part of a third alternate sex. A part of being a woman in traditional roles is being the receiver, and maybe even passive. So a ladyboy who goes through everything a transition involves will probably want to be treated like a lady. This is true in my experience with regular non-prostitute or semi-pro ladyboys.

    Of course culture aspects and practices can come into play too. In many parts of Asia it's still not out of the norm for guys to take care of their girlfriends or even their casual sex partners. So a ladyboy at university in Bangkok could have sex with you because she genuinely likes you but still sort of expect that you would grab any bills that pop up. And even then she might still be a bottom only. It's not always a buyers market when you're not even in the market at all!

    I've also noticed that some ladyboys in some places just seem to be hornier and up for more than their sisters in other places. Filipina ladyboys almost always seem primed to go either way when it comes to bed. I've even had some appear like natural bottoms only to later ask me if I could “help them” when their little erections wouldn't go down.

    A lot of Cambodian and Chinese ladyboys seem like they can go either way too, even when they're not working in the entertainment industry for a living. Meanwhile most of the ladyboys I've meet in Vietnam and Myanmar were much more like “natural” ladies and I couldn't imagine them getting hard let alone topping. Quite a few of them didn't even want me to see their ball bags hanging down when I was banging them out from the back.

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    • Dec 27 2019 06:14 PM
    • by admin